Frames & Remote Control Systems (Densité)

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Frames & Remote Control Systems (Densité)


Densité Chassis & Options for a Variety of Installations

The award-winning Densité line provides a variety of chassis sizes and options to fit the varying size and functionality needs of broadcast and media companies.

Densité 3 Frame 20 Multiformat Cards in 3 RU
Densité 3+ FR1 Frame Compact, 1 RU Frame for Four Modules
Densité 3+ FR4 Frame, 4 RU Frame for 24 Modules
Densité 2 Frame 20 Multiformat Cards in 2 RU
Densité 3 Mini Compact, Half 1 RU Frame for Two Modules
Densité Configurator Web-based Densité Frame Configuration Tool
RCP-200 Advanced Remote Control Panel
iControl Solo

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