Sirius 800

Grass Valley
Sirius 800
Hybrid SDI, Audio & IP Routing to 12G, with Unrivaled Processing & Multiviewer Capability


Hybrid video, audio, IP, & 12G-SDI routers with integrated multiviewers and
four chassis options from 288×288 to 1152×1152.

The enterprise level Sirius 800 series of routers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, offer multiformat, expandable routers with exceptional performance, flexibility and reliability. Offering a range of frame options from 288×288 up to 1152×1152 and beyond with I/O options including SDI, AES, MADI, 12G-SDI, and support for both 40 and 50 GbE SMPTE ST 2110 IP interfaces.
The Sirius 800 benefits from advanced hybrid processing (AHP) integrating functionality that would otherwise require extensive external modular infrastructure, including audio processing, frame synchronization, clean and quiet switching, video and audio delay and audio sample rate conversion. AHP also includes input embedding with no external loopbacks; a unique, innovative technology from Grass Valley, which typically delivers 30% more usable ports for a given frame size.

> 製品特長

Video and audio routing in a single chassis
Route audio between embedded, AES, MADI and IP sources and destinations — no limitations.
Embed audio on inputs or outputs
Route audio back to an input, replace or move incoming audio channels — no external connections required, no loss of inputs or outputs!

4K UHD and IP Interfaces
4K routing
Route 12G and quad link 4K UHD signals alongside SD, HD, 3G, ASI and audio, in any combination.
IP integration
40 GbE and 50 GbE interfaces with redundancy. Supports SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2022-6 and SMPTE ST 2022-7.

Advanced Hybrid Processing
The most advanced processing architecture Frame sync, de-embed, track swap, gain, delay,
embed, clean and quiet switch on every input and main output.
All inputs and outputs are format independent
Allowing a mix of formats on a single module. Saves cost, increases system flexibility.
All audio processing is timing independent
De-embed and embed between asynchronous signals — no need to synchronize.

Multiviewers and Monitoring
The most multiviewer outputs in its class Fit multiviewers to all outputs without losing the router outputs. Up to 180 heads + 576×576 routing in a single frame.
Intelligent system monitoring
Monitoring and alarming of system status, not just video and audio parameters.
True input and output monitoring
Four fully independent monitoring outputs to monitor inputs and outputs in any combination — no “per module” limitations.

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