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Kula IP Production Switcher


The move to IP, which is becoming a reality for broadcasters and media organizations, is a massive shift for our industry and also a huge opportunity.

> 製品特長

• Up to 3 M/Es
• Up to 32 key layers
• Up to IP 50 GbE interface + 50 GbE packet redundancy
• Supports up to 36 inputs and 12 outputs over RTP streams SMPTE ST 2022-6, SMPTE ST 2022-7 & TR03 uncompressed video
• 6 x SDI bidirectional assignable BNCs
• Supports 1080i/720p/1080p & UHD
• FormatFusion3
• Internal ClipStore
• Internal multiviewer up to 28 tiles
• Easy operation

> 製品仕様

TV Standards
2.97 Gb/s Video Standards (1080p)
1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 424
1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 425/Level A
1080p59.94 SMPTE ST 425/Level B
1080p50 SMPTE ST 424
1080p50 SMPTE ST 425/Level A
1080p50 SMPTE ST 425/Level B
1.485 Gb/s Video Standards (HD)
1080i60 SMPTE ST 274(4), SMPTE ST 292(D)
1080i59.94 SMPTE ST 274(5), SMPTE ST 292(E)
1080i50 SMPTE ST 274(6), SMPTE 292(F)
1035i60 SMPTE ST 260,SMPTE ST 292(A)
1035i59.94 SMPTE ST 260, SMPTE ST 292(B)
1080p30 SMPTE ST 274(7), SMPTE ST 292(G)
1080p29.97 SMPTE ST 274(8), SMPTE ST 292(H)
1080p25 SMPTE ST 274(9), SMPTE ST 292(I)
1080p24 SMPTE ST 274(10), SMPTE ST 292(J)
1080p23.976 SMPTE ST 274(11), SMPTE ST 292(K)
720p60 SMPTE ST 296(1), SMPTE ST 292(L)
720p59.94 SMPTE ST 296(2), SMPTE ST 292(M)
720p50 SMPTE ST 296(2), SMPTE ST 292(M)
270 Mb/s Video Standards (SD)
576i 16:9
576i 4:3
480i 16:9

IP Connectivity
Duplex signals supported over RTP streams via 2x SFP+ 28 cages.

SMPTE ST 2022-6, SMPTE ST 2022-7, VSF TR03/SMPTE ST 2110
Up to 36 inputs – 1.485 Gb/s format sources
Up to 32 inputs – 2.970 Gb/s format sources
Up to 12 outputs – 1.485 Gb/s format sources
Up to 12 outputs – 2.970 Gb/s format sources
Ethernet Signals
SFP+ / SFP+ 28 optical x2
Conforms to IEEE 802.3ba – 100 GbE
SDI Signals
6x SDI bidirectional BNC – 1.485 Gb/s format sources and 2.970 Gb/s format sources
Genlock reference 2 off analog sync via BNC connectors

Control Interfaces
66 GPI tally/GPO outputs assignable GPI/GPO isolated contact closures via 3x 25-way D-Type.
Assignable as GPI or GPO
16 10/100/1000base-T 3x RJ45 Ethernet connectors fixings.
2x RS-422 control ports
2x USB

Kula IP Frame
Auto sensing: 100-250 VAC power supply 50/60 Hz nominal
Two fully independent hot swappable PSU modules, with separate mains power feeds via 2 x 13A
IEC – 320-C14 socket
Power consumption: <400W
Temperature range: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F) noncondensing operating

2 RU
Height: 87 mm (3.42 in.)
Depth: 604.8 mm (23.81 in.)
Weight: Approx. 14 kg (30.3 lbs.)

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