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Audio Live
Audio Router for Live Multistream IP Audio Processing


Audio Live is designed for modern, real-time IP workflows. It offers 2,048 channel processing capability for SMPTE ST 2110-30/RFC3190/AES67 audio streams. It can be configured as an asymmetric router rather than a traditional square router offering far greater flexibility. Input audio streams should be synchronous, but when this is not possible, Audio Live offers the ability to synchronize up to 16 asynchronous inputs streams.

> 製品特長

Flexible asymmetric router
Independent input and output routing configurations
10 different routing configurations
Stream and channel swapping
2048 x 2048 audio channel routing
Certified by Grass Valley engineering
Hardware and software supported by Grass Valley

> 製品仕様

Routing Configurations
32 streams x 64 channels
64 streams x 64 channels
64 streams x 32 channels
128 streams x 16 channels
192 streams x 8 channels
8×64, 32×16, 128×8 channels
8×64, 64×16, 64×8 channels
16×64, 16×16, 96×8 channels
16×64, 32×16, 64×8 channels
16×64, 56×16, 32×4 channels

Minimum stream latency: 2 ms (for co-timed input streams)
Maximum input stream tolerance to ref.: Up to 5s
Maximum input stream delay: Up to 5s
Maximum output stream delay: Up to 5s

Input Configuration
Input Timestamp Tolerance
32×64 1s
64×64 1s
64×32 1s
128×16 1s
192×8 20 ms
8×64, 32×16, 128×8 20 ms
8×64, 64×16, 64×8 20 ms
16×64, 16×16, 96×8 100 ms
16×64, 32×16, 64×8 100 ms
16×64, 56×16, 32×4 100 ms
Input Streams
Synchronous SMPTE ST 2110-30/AES67/RFC3190 (PTP timestamps required in extended headers, RTP & PTP timestamps must be locked)
Supports various packet times per stream (provided the packet size is within 1500 MTU)
Up to 16 asynchronous streams can be synchronized to the reference stream
Packet redundancy (-7 style)
Packet reordering
Streams can have independent packet timing of 125 µs, 250 µs, 500 µs, 1 ms & 4 ms
(nominated input reference stream should be ≤ 500 µs)

Output Streams
Synchronous SMPTE ST 2110-30/RFC3190/AES67
Packet redundancy (-7 style)
Packet timing:
≤ 32 channels, 12 samples per channel per packet (250 µs)
> 32 channels, 6 samples per channel per packet (125 µs)

Supported Audio Format
PCM via encapsulation

2048 x 2048 channel router
Channel and stream swapping

Standard RollCall Interface
IP Routing Controller (spigot and internal cross point configuration)
Standard RollCall logging and reporting

Form Factor
1 RU
Linux 64-bit (RAID-1)
700W/750W redundant PSU

Auto, user defined primary/secondary input streams
Input timestamp realignment to ref

Dual 10 GbE Interface or Dual 40 GbE interface


Audio Live Turnkey Solution (10 Gb) 1x Audio Live license + hardware
Complete solution to enable 2048×2048 audio routing of AES67 IP streams. Includes dual 10 GbE SFP+ network interface card

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